Fannie Lou Hamer PAC endorses mayoral candidate for the February 24, 2009 Mayoral Primary
February 16, 2009

Fannie Lou Hamer PAC Endorses Mayoral Candidate





FLH PAC founder, Rev. Anthony, endorsed mayoral candidate Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at the St. Regis Hotel in Detroit, Michigan .





The future of the city of Detroit is now at a cross road.  The people of our city deserve a new and progressive engagement of the economic and social issues that we now face on a daily basis.  We are fortunate in our city that we have men and women who all are capable of leading and fostering a renewed sense of hope in the future of our city.  Being the mayor of the City of Detroit doesn’t require a rocket scientist.  It does not require another study commission or congressional panel to detail how to improve the quality of life for our citizens.  It does however require a sensitivity to people, knowledge of community and business, a selection of good, honest, professional people around you and an appreciation for where we have been while maintaining a clear vision of where we must go. 




Our city has historically depended heavily on the automotive industry.  While supporting our automotive industry we must also develop a new vision for a new industry.  Our city has placed great stock in the public educational system.  We need to reform the educational system while at the same time maintaining the opportunities offered by an excellent public educational system.  We need a new beginning.  Crime is

too high and job creation is too low.  Our regional community must share the economic opportunities but at the same time Detroit must not relinquish its right to maintain the historic institutions that have made Detroit the city it was and that it can be again.  We are witnessing a new administration taking the lead in Washington, D.C.   We need an advocate to work with this administration in Washington .  This is not about bringing home the bacon.  This is about bringing home new opportunities for growth and development here in the city of Detroit .




We did not get into this quagmire of economic and social ills over night.  It took time.  Therefore, we know that it will not take an overnight experience to get us out of our current situation.  We believe that our candidate for mayor understands this reality.  He is committed to providing the time and passion necessary to bring about needed change and stabilization in our community.  The candidate that we have chosen is ready, in shape, knows how to lead in the game of community building and business development, knows how to hand off to other people when necessary to get a victory and how to make changes when time is about to run out.


We do not want the time to run out for Detroit ’s future.  We are weary of folks beating up on Detroit .  We want a leader who will stand up and lift up Detroit .  We firmly believe that our candidate will do just that.  So, Detroit if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we invite you to join with the Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee and support Mr. Dave Bing as the next mayor of our dynamic city.



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