FLH-PAC Press Release - Emergency Financial Manager
March 7, 2013



CONTACT: Yvette Anderson                                                                                                                                March 7, 2013 (313) 538-3001



DETROIT—Last week’s announcement by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder of his intention to appoint an Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) for the City of Detroit is illegal, and a “slap to THE face” of the 2.3 million citizens who voted last November to repeal Public Act 4 (PA 4) and its repressive nature.

Governor Snyder’s believes that his actions are legal and justified under PA 72.  The Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee (FLHPAC) disagrees. We believe that PA 72 is also dead, by virtue of the enactment and subsequent repeal of PA 4.

However, despite the overwhelming defeat of PA 4, the Michigan legislature, and the governor, ignored the will of the people by pushing through a progeny bill (PA 436) that duplicates the repressive nature of PA 4 with a few modifications.

Consequently, the FLHPAC believes that the revival of PA 72, enactment of PA 436 and the proposed appointment of an EFM for Michigan’s largest city is not only illegal, but also oppressive and constitutes an attack on the rights of Detroiters to elect and/or select our leaders and representatives.

“When Detroit voters’ rights are undermined, other municipalities should take notice, because it may be coming to a city near you!!” warned Yvette Anderson, FLHPAC Field Director.

FLHPAC also believes that if an EFM is appointed, it will be an exercise in futility.

It will be virtually impossible for an EFM, within an 18 month period, to resolve problems that have developed over the past 50+ years. State government must be willing to provide the city of Detroit with the financial resources, and eliminate the barriers that prevent city officials from exercising their fiscal responsibilities, including the ability to generate new and additional revenue.

Oppose EFM

The FLHPAC demands that state government provide the City with the tools to expand our tax base, increase revenue sharing, eliminate insurance red-lining, implement programs that will bring much-needed jobs and pass legislation that encourages investment and community economic development.

The State of Michigan cannot ignore the will of its voters. It should honor and respect the principles of home rule and self-determination. The governor must become a true partner with the City of Detroit and work with our duly-elected leaders to cure the ills that have plagued us for more than a century.

The voters have spoken. We demand that the governor exercise the will of the people.


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